Nom du client
Villa Maria College

Nom du projet
Logo, slogan, website, videos, radio spots, planning and media buys

  • Context

    Villa Maria had been a girls-only private high school for 160 years until deciding to open its doors to boys in 2015. Camden’s job was to communicate this new reality to parents of prospective students and to increase the number of visitors to the annual open house.

  • Issues

    With a marked resistance to change on behalf of former students, we needed to reconcile the school’s rich heritage with educational innovations such as the introduction of new teaching technologies. Other local private schools advertise mainly in traditional mass media such as out-of-home and daily newspapers.

  • Solutions

    We completely repositioned the school’s brand with a new brand image and new communication tools, in conjunction with a reallocation of advertising dollars to digital media in order to minimize media waste and get a more accurate picture of campaign results.

  • Progress

    Looking to build on a successful first year, we worked closely with Villa Maria College to promote its yearly open house, improve the school’s communication tools and oversee its ad campaigns. This multi-year partnership has allowed Camden to adapt advertising to the school’s evolving needs and carry out more focused media buys.